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Brand your Content

Try to have a signature look when posting a picture or video to your socials. Consider having a similar theme or aesthetic to each post. You can accomplish this by sharing 3 similar images in every new post. You can also use the same filter on every photo. Create a unique vibe and add flare to your socials!

Keep it Fresh

Whether you are signed or seeking representation, agents are all going to periodically check out your online profiles. Your most recent photos should clearly show your current look (hair cut/color, current age, etc). In addition to pretty selfies, add professional test shoot images into the mix. If you can’t invest in a shoot right now, try reaching out to local photographers and ask for commercial and fashion TFP’s (trade for photo’s), then tag the photographer, and HMUA (hair make-up artist). You are your best advocate when building up your socials and portfolio.

Tag Partners

Do you love shopping at Target, Shein, Macy’s Anthropology, Gap or J. Crew? Start tagging the brands you’re wearing in your posts. This will help grow your following and if your post is strong enough, that brand may even re-post your content! Tagging companies can lead to future paid sponsorships or brand ambassador opportunities.

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