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Dollars & Sense

As you get started in the industry, it’s not uncommon to take unpaid model bookings to gain experience, exposure and advance your skill set. However, there comes a time when you should start getting paid a fair rate. Modeling is fun, but it’s still work!

Merriam Webster defines a model as "one who is employed to display clothes or other merchandise.” When it comes to securing a fair rate, this is where your agency can become your greatest ally. Just last week we had several of our models booked independently (without an agency) for showroom and runway at AmericasMart Atlanta for World of Prom & Social Occasion market week. These models received a daily flat-rate. In that same week, Model Makers held a casting for showroom models in New York City. The models we helped select, working through an agency, billed the fashion client hourly and their hourly-rate was higher than the independent model’s full-day rate. Crazy, right!

Of course, rates do vary widely based on the location, client and model's experience level. Your agent’s job is to help ensure you are getting a fair rate, treated well on set/location, and are paid in a timely manner. This is why we are so passionate about helping our models get signed! Signing with a reputable agency just makes dollars and sense.

We are proud of how hard you all work and we are always here to help!

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