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How to Take Great Model Digitals

Get Ready!

We want to see your natural beauty. No makeup is preferable. Lightly moisturize your face, add a pinch of blush (for ladies), make sure your brows are looking good, apply lip balm and you should be all set. Be sure that your teeth are freshly brushed and flossed and if you need to touch up your pearly whites with a whitening kit, do that ahead of time.

Hair should be out of your face & eyes. It’s best that ladies also pull their hair up for the profile shots.

Keep your styling simple and sleek. No jewelry or accessories should be included. Ladies should wear skinny jeans and a fitted shirt or tank with nude or black heels. Gentleman should wear slim Jeans and a fitted t-shirt or tank top with boots or low profile sneakers.

Cue the Natural Lighting!

That natural sunshine on your face is your best friend for digitals. Find the best spot in your home. Maybe it’s your hallway or in your living room. Diffused light from a window is ideal. You can also shoot outdoors. It’s important that the lighting is even, there are no shadows and that you aren’t squintint your eyes. Once you find that perfect lighting, make sure nothing is behind you but a blank wall. This might require moving things around a bit.

Ready, Set, Snap!

Now it’s time to take your digitals. Grab your camera, laptop or phone with a self-timing app. If you are using self-timer, please make sure the camera is appropriately propped up so we can able to see you from head to toe! Digitals are typically best when a friend or family member can take the photos for you, but when in a pinch use a self-timing app. Be sure to get a variety of images both smiling, smirking and serious. You should take photos that are full body, ¾ body, close up and full profile.

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