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Top 3 Regrets of Models

We never want our models to look back and have regrets. Learn from those who have gone before you so you can have the best, most profitable experience in the industry. These are the top three regrets of working models.

Not Attending the Casting

Attending castings and go-sees can be nerve-wracking. You may not feel like your chances of booking the gig are good. Here’s what we know. If you show up, there’s a

chance you’ll book it. If you don’t, you’re guaranteed not to.

Not Treating it Like a Business

As a model or actor, you are an independent contractor who works with an agency. It’s like owning your own little business, the business of YOU. Treat your modeling aspirations like a real job with weekly tasks including ongoing education, marketing, accounting, etc.

Not Giving it a Shot Sooner

Many of our models start young, others start later in life. Though it’s never too late to give it a shot, what we hear often is that our clients wish they had started sooner.

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