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Virtual Casting Technique

Now that agency interviews, open-calls and auditions are widely being conducted virtually, it’s never been easier to pursue your modeling or acting goals.

Here are some tips to step up your virtual casting game.

LIGHTS, Camera, Action

It’s all about the lighting. Make sure you are evenly light from a diffused light source. That could be soft light from a window or a ring light.

Dress your Best

Dress the part, head to toe, even if you’re shooting from your kitchen. That means hair styled, pretty makeup (a matte look is best for video) and wearing shoes even if nobody sees them. When we dress up, we feel more confident and ready to take on the challenge of the meeting.

Delete the Distractions

If you need to rearrange furniture to give yourself a blank space to work against, then do so. Trust us, it’s worth the hassle. Don’t let the agent or casting director see your messy room, hear your roommate, or watch your puppy interrupt the video.

Happy self taping!

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