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I am so blessed to have met Cristina & Tara of Model Makers. They have been the gate to my daughters success in the acting/modeling field.


They are both very passionate and knowledgeable about the industry and I highly recommend to anyone needing guidance.


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We are thankful for Tara’s guidance every step of way! She was patient, kind, & knowledgeable with my teen boy.


He has signed with a leading agency in Dallas area! We are excited for future & grateful for impact Model Makers had on us!


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Working with Model Makers Group was the best decision we made!


Tara has been instrumental in helping us navigate the modeling world and truly cares about the success of her clients!


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If you are considering navigating the world of modeling for your child or yourself, definitely let the expertise of Tara and Cristina with Model Makers Group guide you through the process! They know what agencies are looking for! This has helped my daughter get signed with 3 agencies so far! Highly recommend!



Model Makers is VERY reputable and has placed many girls (and guys) with modeling agencies.


They make dreams come true!!!


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Model Makers Group has done an amazing job of helping start my modeling career.


I would highly recommend them!!!


Peyton Nicole Comp Card 1.jpg

I felt so much better about my daughter getting into modeling with these ladies by our side.

They not only helped her prepare but also gave us invaluable advice every step of the way.


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Tara and Cristina were so easy to work with and super helpful on getting my child started in modeling!


Would highly recommend them!


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What I got was so much wisdom and encouragement about exactly what this industry is looking for. We were offered a contract for full talent representation and it’s hugely because of the insight from Model Makers Group. Tara even helped me read the contract to ensure that there were no red flags before I signed.


Kate Delaney- age 10.jpg

From agency submissions to training you and walking you through every step, these are the experts. They have connected us with the best photographers, built my daughter's resume, and answered every question. They are the BEST!


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Model Maker’s Group is amazing and definitely who you need to work with when you are starting out! They will guide you in the right direction!


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I always dreamed of becoming a model but had no idea where to begin. They helped make the process easier and I was signed with 2 agencies in a matter of a few weeks. I appreciate them so much!


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Working with model makers has been so much more than just placing my child with an awesome agent. Even though, they helped me through that difficult process and placed my daughter with an incredible, consistent agent at such a young age, they have stayed in her life for over 5 years!


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Mrs Tara has been so helpful to me and getting me signed!! I have been working with her for awhile now and feel so comfortable reaching out to her for any help!!


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They helped guide me and my 10 year old daughter through the agency placement process and made it as easy as possible! They are very encouraging, positive, and supportive and I highly recommend working with them!


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They literally take you step-by-step through everything you need. When I have had any questions, they have been a phone call away, and they explain everything to you clearly. Tara and Cristina truly care about their clients.


Addison Gossett Comp Card 1.jpg

They make navigating this competitive, sometimes scary field, fun and stress-free. There is never a stupid question which we have loved! We already have two contracts with sought after agencies and are excited to begin this journey. Thank you Tara and Cristina!


Lillie Jane Comp Card front.jpg

My biggest fear going into this was that I would not be able to keep Lillie safe in an industry that I knew nothing about.
That fear quickly evaporated. Model Makers taught us how to stay in control and directed us to the best agencies.


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The sweetest and most genuine people you will work with! Helped me every step of the way and always provided thoughtful insight with every question I had. This process can be very long and scary, trust that they will make this process so much easier.


Brooke W. Comp Card 1.jpg

Model Makers Group has done an AMAZING Job helping start my daughter's modeling career.

We could not have done this without them.




If your daughter has aspirations and dreams of walking down a runway or having a moment in front of the camera please reach out to Tara for a consultation. She has helped my daughter since she was 6 years old and is always available to help in any way. Go to Model Makers Group- you won’t regret it.


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Being involved with Model Makers Group has truly been a positive experience for us! Any questions we have had about the industry have been addressed professionally and kindly. I cannot say enough about the guidance we have received before AND after my daughter was signed with an agency. 


Ashley Holt Comp Card 1.jpg

I can’t believe all the contracts that have been coming in for our family of three! Tara is professional, compassionate and amazing in all areas from start to signing! Thank you Model Makers for all your exceptional guidance & support!  


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Tara and Cristina are amazing to work with! They are both so nice and knowledgeable in their field. They were able to get me placed in an agency just under 5 weeks after meeting with them. I refer all my friends to go to them!



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Tara and the Model Makers team have been incredibly helpful and so easy to work with!


For anyone starting out in this business, they are a tremendous resource to understand, guide, and motivate you on your journey!



My daughter and I have loved working with Tara. She has been very informative and responsive. My daughter was signed with two top agencies within a couple of months of starting to work with Model Makers. highly recommend utilizing Model Makers to help navigate this industry.


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Model Makers Group has been with us every step of this journey…all the way to signing a contract with an agency. Tara is such a positive influence for my daughter. It is comforting to know Tara's knowledge and expertise has given my daughter a wonderful foundation of breaking into the modeling world as well as keeping her safe.


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Model Makers Group is such a blessing to anyone that is wanting to get into the business!


The ladies direct you every step of the way, and they are there to support you 100%!!

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