If your daughter or son has aspirations and dreams of walking down a runway and or having a moment in front of the camera please reach out to Tara Darby Rasheta for a consultation orientation and direction to that dream. She has helped my daughter since she was 6 years old and is always available to help in any way. Go to Model Makers Group- you won’t regret it.


Being involved with the Model Makers Group has truly been a POSITIVE experience for us! Any questions we have had about the industry have been addressed professionally AND kindly. I cannot say enough about the guidance we have received before AND after my daughter was signed with an agency. I would and HAVE recommend Tara and this group to ANYONE that is interested in working within this industry!


Model Makers is VERY reputable and has place many girls (and guys) with modeling agencies. They make dreams come true!!!


I felt so much better about my daughter getting into modeling with these ladies by our side. They not only helped her prepare but also gave us invaluable advice every step of the way. 


Model Maker’s Group is amazing and definitely who you need to work with when you are starting out! They will guide you in the right direction!


If you are interested in modeling, stop what you are doing right now and hire Model Makers Group. From agency submissions to training you and walking you through every step, these are the experts. They have connected us with the best photographers, built my daughter's resume, and answered every question. They are also just amazing people and lovely to be around. I could not be more grateful for their support and encouragement of Kate's dream. She is now signed with a major talent agency in NYC and we are working with Model Makers on regional submissions. They are the BEST!


Model Makers Group has done an amazing job of helping start my modeling career. I would highly recommend them!!!


I found Model Makers Group and decided that it couldn’t hurt to look into their services. I was skeptical at first because this industry is full of people who are not afraid to take advantage. I like how they will only work with clients that they feel have potential. Their services were very affordable, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. What I got back was so much wisdom and encouragement about exactly what this industry is looking for. We were offered a contract for full talent representation and it’s hugely because of the insight from Model Makers Group. Tara even helped me read the contract to ensure that there were no red flags before I signed. I cannot thank this team enough for helping my daughter make her dreams come true.