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From Pageantry to Modeling

Many of our models come from the pageant world. In fact, pageantry was a big part of our journey. Competing at Miss USA (Tara was Miss AL USA ’04 and Cristina was Miss MA USA ’05) was life changing. Our pageant experience helped propel the modeling and tv-hosting careers we were already working on at that time.

While there are some similarities and pageantry and entertainment and well-aligned, these are still two distinct paths. If you are a contestant or queen wanting to transition into the modeling and entertainment industry, use your background and training to help move you forward in the right direction.

Interview Prep

All those hours preparing for private and on-stage interview will serve you well once you start meeting with agencies and auditioning. If you can handle the pressure of a panel of judges and you’re ok hearing the word “no” then you are conditioned to excel in the casting process.

Pageant Walking & On-Stage Presence

The pageant walk is certainly different than a high-fashion runway walk. But if you can wow the judges with your pageant walk, then you can strip it down, and simplify it to become a strong catwalk. On-stage presence is all about confidence, good posture and believing in yourself. These attributes are essential to thriving in entertainment.

Beauty Queen Attitude

Pageant girls know how to show up on time, with a big smile on their face, and fully prepared for whatever they have been asked to do. This professional, reliable demeanor is a selling point in a business filled with flaky talent. At the end of the day, fashion professionals and producers want to work with models who they can depend on.

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