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Walk the Walk

Our clients have had a ton of runway castings lately. Be sure your model walk is ready for runway castings and agency meetings.


1. Be prepared: If auditioning for a specific line, make sure to familiarize yourself with the designer's collection and their vision for the show. This will help you understand the mood and style of the garments and how to best showcase them on the runway.


2. Be versatile: As a model, you may be asked to wear a variety of outfits and styles at a fashion show. Be prepared to adapt your walk and attitude to fit each look. This will show your versatility and make you stand out to the designer and audience.


3. Be confident: Keep your head up and your eyes focused straight ahead. This will give you a confident and strong appearance on the runway. This also allows the photographers at the end of the runway, known as the “pit”, to get the perfect shot.


4. Be natural: Your arms and hands should not be stiff or awkward while walking. Use them to add fluidity and grace to your walk. If your shoulders are rolled back and you’re standing tall, then your arms will move naturally with each step.


5. Be fierce: On the runway, you want to make a statement with your walk. Take long, confident strides and make sure your feet are pointed straight ahead. Your steps should be one in front of the next, almost as though you are walking on a tightrope.

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