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Mastering Model Digitals

There's certainly an art to taking strong model digitals. Try these tips in your next shoot.

Style it Right

Minimal, natural makeup or even no makeup at all is expected. Remove any jewelry or accessories and take some shots with hair down and hair up. Simple, form fitted clothing is perfect- nothing beats a basic tee or tank with skinny jeans or leggings.

Take full length, ¾ length, close up and profile shots.

Lighting is Everything

The key is to make sure you’re evenly lit, with no big shadows on your face or behind you. Diffused light from a window is a great source, or a ring or beauty light can work too.

Ready, Set, Snap!

Model digitals are intended to be raw, unedited, non-retouched images. They should be a true representation of how you will actually look when you walk into the agent or client’s office. So grab a friend, or your mom, and start snapping away!

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