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Mistakes to Avoid at Agency Meetings

Not Showing Up Prepared

Models need to show up on time, with their portfolio book in hand and either a comp card or headshot to leave behind. When you leave the room, you are out of site and out of their mind. Your leave-behind marketing material helps keep you on their short list.

Not Talking the Talk

The last thing your potential-agent wants to hear is that you only want to take high fashion runway bookings, or you only want to take A-list movie roles. Be open minded. Your agent may want to market you for commercial bookings or lifestyle modeling. They may also need to help you get more experience before they can pitch you for the bigger gigs. Don’t limit your potential by telling them you only want to do one sliver of work.

Not Flexing your Flexibility

Most new models are doing other things like school, sports, dance, cheer, or work. But the agent wants to hear that you will be as flexible as possible for the auditions and gigs they have in store for you.Be sure to highlight your willingness to make it happen and prioritize your career.

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