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Momager 101

Once your child signs, you’ll realize that you’ve suddenly gained Momager status. Here are three tips to make sure you’re fulfilling your role to the best of your ability.


We have seen agents and fashion professionals choose NOT to work with a model based on their disorganized parents. When booking underage talent, the agency knows that the model and mom are a package deal. If you are disorganized, you are jeopardizing your child’s potential. Staying organized means responding quickly to emails, providing marketing materials in the preferred format as requested by the agency and getting to auditions and bookings on time and fully prepared.


Your job is to support your child and be their chaperone on set. Make sure that you don’t overstep your bounds and that you allow the experts to do what they do best. The agency will want to make final image selections from any test shoots. You may chime in, but understand that contractually they have the final word. Once on set, parents are often asked to be in a holding area or green room while the child working. This helps alleviate any nerves the child may have from having their parent in the room.


Agents are notoriously impatient. Though you should create an open line of communication with their office, you may not feel that you can call them with any little question. It’s important to get to know other Momagers to bounce ideas off of and talk shop. We also offer ongoing support to our Agency Placement clients and are always there for a phone call with a mom who needs guidance or assistance.

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