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New Headshots = More Bookings

In addition to helping models get signed, we also facilitate castings. Through that process we’ve learned one important fact we wanted to pass along. The truth is this- a great headshot is powerful. Remember, before a casting-professional or agent will even agree to see a model, they are first evaluating his or her images. That’s why it’s important to keep model shots professional and current. Parents often ask us how often their children will need to update headshots. The general rule of thumb is that photos should be updated every 6-12 months. For younger children who are losing and growing new teeth, or getting braces, it may be sooner. Older teens and adults may go a bit longer unless they’ve altered their appearance in a big way like changed their hair cut or color, lost or gained weight, or just grown and changed physically. The headshot should be a true representation of how a model will look when they walk into the room. An image that is too edgy, trendy, filtered or glam, doesn’t really suit the model as well as having a clear, natural, well-lit headshot. Trust us, new headshots often lead to more bookings.

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