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Secrets to Landing the Gig

You get one chance to make a great first impression at an audition.

Here are some pro tips to help you succeed.

Do Your Homework

Research the casting director or photographer who will be managing the casting. Also, brush up on the company, client or fashion line you hope to be representing if you book the gig. This will help you talk-the-talk in the audition.

Dress the Part

If you’re auditioning for a couture fashion designer, dress fashion-forward. If you’re casting for a commercial gig, know your role and pick your wardrobe accordingly. Dressing the part makes it clear to the team that you could fit in beautifully for their project.


We don’t always hear feedback after an audition, but it’s certainly ok to ask for it. Your agent can gather feedback wether you booked the gig or not. Sometimes you’re just not what they were looking for. Other times, the feedback you receive you could help you amp up your casting game. It also lets them know that you’re vested in your role with the agency and that you care about your performance.

Break a leg out there!

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