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What Agents Want

If you're still not signed to a reputable, ethical, professional agency, then we need to talk. We've been getting models and actors signed since 2009.

So, what do agents want?

Open Minded Models

Your agent’s job is to help you secure castings which lead to bookings. They should be experts in their marketplace, understanding the needs of their clientele and matching them up with models and talent that fit the bill. They might have different ideas about how you could be marketed within their agency. Be open minded to more test shoots and be open minded all the divisions of work that they may offer.

Flexibility & Availability

Generally, an agent will check your availability before offering you an audition. They want to know for sure, up front, that you will be available for the booking if you are chosen. Of course, most castings are last minute and booking dates can change. Go with the flow as best you can. Understanding the process and showing your agency your willingness to be flexible and available will win you major bonus points with them.

To Be Wanted

If an agency reaches out to you with a meeting request, or a contract offer, you must act fast. If you don’t, there’s a long line of beautiful, talented models eagerly waiting their turn behind you. Don’t feel rushed to sign on the dotted line (we always spend time reviewing contracts with clients), but don’t be too slow about getting back to them. Keeping open lines of communication is very important. Your communication style during the submission phase gives them a good idea of how quickly you’ll respond to casting or booking requests. This is a tough industry. If an agency shows interest, let them know how excited you are to explore representation with them.

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