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What is a Model Slate?

Model slates are another marketing tool that models and talent use in the agency submission and audition process. It’s just one more way to make your submission stand out from the rest. Professional slates greatly increase the chance that our models will get placed with a reputable agency.

Through your professional imagery, you’ve demonstrated that you are photogenic; the slate allows you to also show that you’re telegenic. The slate gives the agent or casting professional an understanding of your vocal tone, vocal quality and a sense of your personality.

Here’s what should be included in your model slate. Make sure that you have great lighting, clear audio, good angles, and a clean backdrop. Start by introducing your full name, then share your height, age and location.

Now it’s time to share a fun fact about yourself. This is not an opportunity to rehash your résumé, instead share something quirky, fun or memorable.

We work with our models to create their model slates and approve them before sending them off to an agency for consideration. Remember, your slate can make or break your chances of getting signed. If you don’t already have a professional mentor, we would love to help you create a strong slate. Happy slating!

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